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Oak Green obsession

April 2011

Like many of us GTI nerds, an Oak Green metallic mk2 holds a special place in our dream garage. Trying to find one in great condition is getting more and more difficult, so how about taking a different twist then?

Steve writes:

"The story is that a year or two ago I was looking for an Oak Green mk2 to buy but didn't find one and then other things got in the way. Last August though, I ended up in Twickenham looking at a 1988 standard 5Dr 8V Helios Blue GTI that only had 42000 genuine miles under its belt - so I bought that.

However, I was still hankering after the fabulous Oak Green colour and in November, having decided to sell my Clio V6 mk1, in a moment of madness I ordered an Audi TT in Oak Green. I had realised that ANY colour in the VW/Audi range could be specified (but not on smaller cars like the new A1) - even one from 20+ years ago. It took nearly 3 weeks for Audi to agree to this and last week I took delivery. Maybe the photos are a bit dark, but the TT does look superb in Oak Green."

So, a low mileage mk2 and an Oak Green TT - currently the only Audi ever ordered in VW Oak Green - can't be bad.

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