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Practical Classics mk1 GTI magazine shoot

February 2003

Ben Barry, a freelance journalist, recently got in contact to ask for assistance in getting some mk1 GTI's together for a magazine article.

The meet went ahead on 9/2/03 in Basingstoke, Hants. Up bright and early on a rainy Sunday morning we met up at a multi-storey car park in the town centre. The idea was to have a range of mk1's demonstrating the 'keep it original' look through to the totally ridiculous! We had Tim's mint condition completely standard mars red Y reg, Jeff's silver, mildly modified GTI and Simon's ex-Dubsport mental twin engined lime green beast. Unfortunately, the day before the shoot, the owner of a G60 powered mk1 had to pull out.

The photographer had the cars in various 'arty' positions while I just sneaked about taking my own snaps! It was good to meet up and chat with a few fellow Golf-nuts but it did nothing to help my current 'must buy a VR6 powered mk2' problem :)

I think Ben mentioned the article being in Practical Classics in mid-March '03. It should make for a good read so try and get yourself a copy...

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