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GTI Festival 2004

Santa Pod Raceway, Poddington, UK

Rock n roll, out the door stupidly early for a trip to see Santa. Not the fella with the white beard but Santa Pod in Bedfordshire for a bit of 1/4 mile action.

Thanks to Rich and Gav being the first people through the gate we had ourselves a nice club area. Had a good collection of cars there on the day, a certain purple 20v mk1 with new air suspension grabbed the attention :)

Enjoyed my first bit of drag strip abuse in the Rallye. 14.9 seconds didn't seem too bad. Gaz did his best to upset things in his old-smokey mk2 16v ;)

Not the best turn out of trade stands but certainly enough to spend a few quid at. Seems to be becoming a bit of a theme for weak trade presence at shows. Not how it used to be :(

Met up with a load of the usual suspects from the forum and a few new faces.

All in all a great day out.

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