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GTI Festival 2002

Santa Pod Raceway, Poddington, UK

It's the 9th of June. It is not supposed to chuck it down all day long! Oh well, if you were prepared to get soaked this wasn't a bad show at all. The big disappointment of the day was the major lack of drag strip action. After all, you are at Europe's premier drag racing venue and you can't use the track because of the rain. The organisers were understandably frustrated but what can you do? They had the huge track drying machines running but as the rain wasn't stopping anyway they were unfortunately on to a loser.

The venue itself should have been fantastic, with the trade stands, show cars and vital food stalls all running along side the famous quarter of a mile strip. GTI International take note!

There was a good turn out from the usual show crowd, including a number of Edition38's finest. The opportunity to talk to people was sadly limited by the weather, with most either shut in their cars or hiding under the trade stands.

The traders themselves may well have enjoyed the rain as it kept people crowded round all day long. There weren't any great bargains to be had though. Have the days of going to shows to get a load of cheap parts gone?

There are certainly a growing number of modified mk4's on the show scene. Probably encouraged by the fact that they have been around for four years now, meaning prices are getting a bit more sensible. Combined with the great tuning potential of that lovely 20vT engine you can have yourselves a serious bit of GTI.

Other notable show themes included the increasing use of Audi parts. It is hardly surprising when so many of them fit. Golf's with TT alloys, S3 alloys, TT brake discs and calipers, S3 interiors, Quattro badges, the list goes on. In fact when you actually see an Audi S3 it looks rather plain!

Did I mention it rained?

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