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Edition38 2005

Overstone Park, Northants, UK

What a weekend. Undoubtedly the best water-cooled dub show of 2005, no question. We had a huge turn out of forum members to get drunk with in the evenings and in the day an awesome collection of cars to view. Jo brought his TVRGolf along and caused a storm as usual. Now sporting some serious GolfGTI branding the car continues to amaze people and no, ITS NOT ON AIR-RIDE SUSPENSION! Friday night turned into a bit of a large one on the drinking front, most of it is a blur!

Saturday for me was spent trying to resist spending money on my cab and persuading toph to buy some crazy 17” split Design 90’s. I failed on both counts.

On Sunday Jo moved his car into the show and shine area and again the buzz around his car was mental. It was rare to ever see it without someone taking a photo or looking in the windows. I was sure the “Best Engineering” trophy was destined for the TVRGolf but it was not to be. After a long weekend we were a bit depressed to not see Jo collect a silver E38 plate for the car. Maybe it was just too extreme for the judges….

A huge thanks goes to the E38 team for putting on a great show.

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